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The ‘SelfDecode’ service analyses your DNA to uncover your genetic weaknesses and to help you play to your strengths.


  • Provides tools based on a database of 30,000 genetic variants
  • Can be used to uncover beneficial foods, supplements, and other substances
  • Requires a digital copy of your DNA

What you’ll receive

You’ll receive access to a range of tools that help you to learn about the connection between your genetics and wellbeing. Your online account will include the following features:

  • Health categories
  • A summary of important SNPs (genetic variants)
  • Summaries of potentially bad genes and SNPs
  • Potential fixes
  • ‘Substance Explorer’ – recommendations based on your genetics and health information
  • ‘Gene Packs’ – lists of genes associated with different traits and your SNPS for each of them
  • SNP Explorer’ – a filterable table of all your SNPs with information about each one
  • Pages dedicated to individual SNPs
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