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- Empower yourself with one of the only DNA tests worldwide that analyses 100% of your DNA. Genotyping (like 23andme) only gives you limited information based on a fraction of your DNA

- Start making conscious health decisions and take a proactive approach to your health. Dante's Personalised Genetic Reports give you insights into your genetic predispositions to common diseases and Well-being (Nutrition & Scientific Fitness Reports)

- Get access to your full genomic data, learn more as science progresses. Dante's Whole Genome Sequencing Test is one of the best lifetime investments: Sequence once, get actionable tools for life!

- Browsing your genome has never been so easy: Dante Labs gives you access to some of the most powerful tools to explore your full genome. Examine any gene of interest, access the reports you are interested in, download your genomic data

- Dante's Whole Genome Sequencing Test offers the highest possible precision and accuracy for the unbiased exploration of the human genome


- Health Report: The health report outlines your genetic risk of developing certain medical conditions or rare diseases throughout the course of your lifetime. Where genetic predispositions are detected, Dante's comprehensive management and treatment advice details ways in which you can proactively manage your health through your lifestyle choices

- Nutrition & Wellness Report: The nutrition and wellness report outlines your unique dietary profile, including which food groups you’re most sensitive to and any nutrient deficiencies you possess. You’ll also develop a greater understanding of your body composition, sleep characteristics and even particular personality traits. The results from your Whole Genome Sequencing Test will help to formulate a plan that optimises your exercise regime and diet in a way that leverages your genetic strengths, whether that be through strength training, aerobic exercise or HIIT. Learn what your body requires in order to perform at its peak while avoiding injuries and improving recovery time

- Rare Disease Report (available upon request): The rarity of diseases means a higher grade of complexity in diagnosis, research and pharma development. Clinical medicine can be revolutionised due to breakthrough innovations in sequencing technology and data analysis processes

How it works

- Fast Activation: Log in or create an account via Dante's Genome Manager and enter your Kit ID (you will find it on the box or tube)

- Painless Sampling: Contains an innovative at home blood collection kit. Send your sample back the same day you took it. Painless, quick at-home sample collection. CE-IVD marked and FDA approved user-friendly device

- Digital Results: You’ll receive your results in a few weeks, available as a report within Dante's digital portal. The results are easy to read, you can even share them with your doctor

Genomic Consultation Service (available upon request)

Would you like to speak with a genetic specialist? Book an individual session. Dante's extensive network of geneticists will provide you with specialised genetic counselling on the topics that are most relevant to you such as diet and nutrition, fitness, injuries, and many more.

30X Whole Genome Sequencing (Clinical-grade Whole Genome Sequencing)

Dante Labs ensure the highest levels of accuracy through clinical-grade whole genome sequencing. By meeting clinical standards, healthcare professionals are able to confidently use your raw data results to determine a diagnosis or to establish an effective treatment plan.

What Does 30X Coverage Mean? Coverage refers to the number of times the sequencing machine sequences your genome. Each time your DNA is sequenced this is equivalent to 1X coverage, so 30X coverage means your genome is read on average 30 times. You may be wondering why so many repeats are necessary. Well, it’s important to keep in mind that with 6 billion letters in your genome (A, T, C or G), even a 99.9% accurate sequencing machine would result in 600,000 potential errors. Every time the machine repeats the sequencing process, the margin of error decreases and the level of accuracy increases.

Whole Genome Sequencing Vs. Genotyping DNA Tests

Traditional consumer DNA tests only provide data on up to 2 million data points, compared to the complete 6 billion analysed in a whole genome sequencing test. While this is sufficient for a basic overview of your health, fitness and nutritional data, many important factors go amiss. A greater understanding of genetics has led to the realisation that the 98% of ‘non-coding’ DNA (once considered irrelevant), actually plays a hugely important role in regulating the coding portions of our DNA (the portions responsible for proteins in your body). This means that if you want a comprehensive and accurate analysis of your entire genome, complete with reporting on rare and hereditary diseases, a whole genome sequencing test is your only reliable option.

Privacy & Security

Dante Labs know that privacy is a fundamental human right and it's one of their core values:

- Dante strictly perform all their activity within the EU and the US

- Dante are fully compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

- Dante's Sequencing Centres are located in the EU and the US

- Dante built their Cloud Database Infrastructure on Amazon Web Services (AWS) to guarantee you the highest level of security

- If you do not want Dante to keep your data (personal and genomic), they will delete your data. You can request a personal data cancellation at any time

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