Provider Profile: International Biosciences

Provider Profile: International Biosciences

Provider Profile: International Biosciences

Brighton-based International Biosciences provide DNA testing for relationships, health, ancestry, and more. The genetic analysis of each sample is contracted out to their partner laboratory – Genetic Testing Laboratories in the US – which they believe allow them to offer the best pricing to their customers.

Provider Background
Since 1999, International Biosciences have conduced more than 500,000 tests. They have a rigorous quality assurance program which means all DNA samples are tested twice, to double-check that the results are accurate.

International Biosciences have conducted DNA testing for several high profile TV shows in the UK, including Coronation Street, EastEnders and Family Tree.

They sell their paternity test via a number of pharmacies such as Clockwork Pharmacy (International Biosciences are one of the few providers to sell a DNA test on the high street), and online retailers such as Amazon.

International Biosciences operate websites in seven countries, and link to sites branded as DNA Solum in Belgium and the Netherlands, Test-Ocetovstva in Slovenia, Indian Biosciences in India, and Gulu Independent Hospital in Uganda.

The tests themselves
International Biosciences offer relationship tests for paternity, maternity, siblingship, and aunt and uncle relationships. All these tests can be conducted for ‘peace of mind’ or legal purposes, and can be processed in 24 hours for an extra fee.

Additional ‘peace of mind’ tests can be purchased for twin and cousin relationships, prenatal sex testing and prenatal paternity testing.

International Biosciences can also conduct DNA testing to give an individual their genetic profile, or provide a kit for home DNA banking.

In terms of DNA testing for ancestry, International Biosciences currently re-sell the Ancestral Origins™ test from Genetic Testing Laboratories. This comes in the form of a 17 × 10.6 inch map, printed on glossy photographic paper, showing the population groups from around the world that an individual shares their genetic ancestry with.

In terms of DNA testing for health, International Biosciences currently re-sell the Genetic Predisposition test from Genetic Testing Laboratories. This generates a report which gives an individual their genetic predisposition to 25 diseases, both in terms of their genetic vs. environmental risk, and in comparison to population averages.

International Biosciences are one of the longest running DNA testing providers in the UK. They proudly display a large number of positive testimonials on their site, and their involvement with major TV shows demonstrates they’re an established brand.

When we reviewed their paternity test the service was professional and the results were delivered on time. When reviewing their genetic predisposition test we had an equally positive experience. Although the genetic ancestry test that International Biosciences re-sell is pretty basic, the genetic predisposition test is one of the best value health tests on the market today.

All in all, International Biosciences are clearly a major DNA testing provider, an internationally recognised brand, and will undoubtedly be offering their services for many more years to come.

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