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International Biosciences ran the test as promised and the process was very fast. I wasn’t happy that my test was carried out by a different company in a different country.

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There was a lot of information on the International Biosciences website but it was easy to find the 'One father-One child' test I wanted.

Ordering Experience

The ordering process was simple. There were no extra fees on top of the advertised price and I received the kit the day after ordering. It came in an inconspicuous envelope marked ‘private and confidential’ – no one could have known what it was without opening it which was reassuring.

There were six pages of documents and instructions to go through in the kit. They were easy to understand and it was simple to collect the samples and send them off. An addressed envelope was included to return the samples but I had to pay for postage. The next day I received confirmation that the samples had reached the lab and it would take five working days to get the results.

The Results

The results were sent by email after five working days and attached as a one-page PDF file (shown below).

The full results.

The full results.

Upon first opening the document it looked very confusing. There were lots of colourful badges and certifications at the top, and a large multi-coloured table which looked very complicated. There was an orange table at the bottom which said I was ‘excluded’ as the biological father, and a blue 'Statistical Results' table beneath this which said ‘Probability = 0%’ (shown below).

The Statistical Results table.

The Statistical Results table.

It was clear that I wasn’t the biological father but I wished the result had been easier to see.

I couldn’t see a single reference to International Biosciences in the PDF and it showed the laboratory that had conducted the test was in New Mexico, which wasn’t what I was led to believe by the website


International Biosciences ran the test as promised and the process was very fast. I wasn’t happy that my test was carried out by a different company in a different country.

Click here to visit the International Biosciences website to learn more about the types of paternity test they offer.

International Biosciences's Response

Since the Editor’s Review was posted, we have installed a new shopping cart system to make the ordering process more straightforward, whilst maintaining high security standards.

Regarding postage fees, we used to provide Freepost envelopes to return the samples but discovered they take longer to reach us than first class post. If tracking samples is important to a client, we recommend they’re returned by Recorded or Special Delivery.

International Biosciences now provide next day results as standard. We email a pickup code to the client on receipt of their samples, and results will be available for them to download securely via our website the following evening. Results can also be emailed and/or posted to the client at no extra cost.

When sending results by email or post, we now include a covering letter which, in the case of a positive result, clearly states ‘the man we have tested IS the biological father’. Or in the case of a negative result, states ‘the man we have tested IS NOT the biological father’. This ensures the result is absolutely clear.

International Biosciences are owned by Genetic Testing Laboratories (GTL) who undertake the testing, our reports have now been modified to make this clearer. GTL are based in the United States and are accredited by the British Ministry of Justice as well as the AABB, NATA and ISO.


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