nowgenome DNA Test

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nowgenome DNA Test

nowgenome DNA Test
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The ‘nowgenome Test’ analyses your DNA to provide you with detailed information about your health, genetic conditions, allergies, personality, ancestry and more.


  • Reads your entire genome through sequencing technology
  • Detects any gene variant
  • Includes eleven reports
  • Analyses more than 600 traits
  • Includes the raw data of your whole genome and all gene variants

What you’ll receive

You’ll receive eleven reports with information about how your DNA affects your health and well-being. Results will cover the following areas:

  • Health – how your DNA affects the risk to develop some of the most common diseases
  • Carrier status – if you carry variants for genetic conditions
  • Allergy – which is your genetic risk of having one or more allergies and intolerances
  • Nutrition – your metabolic profile and interaction with food, alcohol and coffee
  • Fitness – the effect of your DNA on how your body reacts to physical activity and how to improve your performance
  • Skin – how your DNA affects the features of your skin and which are the right cosmetic products for you
  • Anti age – the status of your gene variants related to the aging process
  • Personality – the effect of your DNA on how you interact with people and other aspects of your personality
  • Pharmacogenomics – how your DNA might affect your response to over 250 drugs
  • Ancestry – your ethnic background and where in the world your ancestors might have lived
  • Oral microbiome – all the bacteria living in your mouth
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