Breed Identification Plus Life Plan

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Breed Identification Plus Life Plan

Breed Identification Plus Life Plan
£ 87.20


The ‘Breed Identification Plus Life Plan’ test from Orivet analyses your dog’s DNA to reveal its breed(s), as well as its specific traits and risks.


  • Provides percentages of the breeds that determine your pet’s ancestry
  • Can assist you and your veterinarian in preventing, diagnosing and treating conditions earlier and more effectively

What you’ll receive

You’ll receive access to an interactive online account, which will provide details of the breeds that contribute to your dog’s DNA. Results will include the following features:

  • Percentage levels of each breed
  • Adult weight prediction
  • Breed specific games
  • Nutritional suggestions
  • Information about your dog’s unique predisposition to genetically-linked diseases
  • Details about your dog’s unique personality and characteristics
  • The option to upgrade to add your dog’s genetic profile
  • Health alerts to your mobile device
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